What is Written in Rig Veda? Read Detailed Mandala-1, Sukta- 4 in English

Hare Krishna guys. What is written in Rig Veda? Rig Veda consists of hymns for religious rituals, which are dedicated to various gods and goddess. Rig Veda is the oldest of all four vedas. If we translate meaning of Rig Veda it will be “The Knowledge of Verses“. Rig Veda consist of hymns to pray various gods, it has total 10 mandalas and 1028 hymns. In this article we will learn about the forth Sukta of First Mandala which is translated in simple English. So let start by saying ” Jay Shree Krishna”…

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What is Written in Rig Veda? lets read and learn about it.

What is written in Rig Veda

Auther- Madhuchhandas, Metre- Gayatri, there are total 10 hymns in this sukta which are addressed to Lord Indra.

1. सुरूपक्र्त्नुमूतये सुदुघामिव गोदुहे |
जुहूमसि दयवि-दयवि ||

surūpakṛtnumūtaye sudughāmiva ghoduhe |
juhūmasi dyavi-dyavi ||

We pray to Indra, The doer of good works for our protection like a milker calls a good milch-cow.

2. उप नः सवना गहि सोमस्य सोमपाः पिब |
गोदा इद रेवतोमदः ||

upa naḥ savanā ghahi somasya somapāḥ piba |
ghodā id revatomadaḥ ||

Hey drinker of the soma juice, come to our daily rites and drink the soma juice with your satisfaction we get blessed and it become the cause of getting cattle as gift.

3. अथा ते अन्तमानां विद्याम सुमतीनाम |
मा नो अति खय आगहि ||

athā te antamānāṃ vidyāma sumatīnām |
mā no ati khya āghahi ||

By staying in between the right minded persons who are dear to you we recognized you, stay closed to us not to reveals.

4. परेहि विग्रमस्त्र्तमिन्द्रं पर्छा विपश्चितम |
यस्ते सखिभ्य आ वरम ||

parehi vighramastṛtamindraṃ pṛchā vipaścitam |
yaste sakhibhya ā varam ||

Go ask, the wise and uninjured Indra, who blesses your friend with the best, ask him about the priest who praises him

5. उत बरुवन्तु नो निदो निरन्यतश्चिदारत |
दधाना इन्द्र इद दुवः ||

uta bruvantu no nido niranyataścidārata |
dadhānā indra id duvaḥ ||

Let the priest continue their prayer to Indra, those who abuses him may depart from here and other places where he is adored.

What is written in Rig Veda

6. उत नः सुभगानरिर्वोचेयुर्दस्म कर्ष्टयः |
सयामेदिन्द्रस्य शर्मणि ||

uta naḥ subhaghānarirvoceyurdasma kṛṣṭayaḥ |
syāmedindrasya śarmaṇi ||

Hey destroyer of foes, let our enemies and friends say our prosperous may we always live in happiness with the blessings of Indra.

7. एमाशुमाशवे भर यज्ञश्रियं नर्मादनम |
पतयन मन्दयत्सखम ||

emāśumāśave bhara yajñaśriyaṃ nṛmādanam |
patayan mandayatsakham ||

The soma juice which is present in every sacrificial rite and grace of all sacrifice and is favourite of Indra, the pervade, the exhilarator of mankind, the perfector of act and who gives happiness to the offerer.

8. अस्य पीत्वा शतक्रतो घनो वर्त्राणामभवः |
परावो वाजेषु वाजिनम ||

asya pītvā śatakrato ghano vṛtrāṇāmabhavaḥ |
prāvo vājeṣu vājinam ||

Hey Shatakratu(Indra), after drinking this soma juice you have slayed circle of enemies and protected own warriors in the battle.

9. तं तवा वाजेषु वाजिनं वाजयामः शतक्रतो |
धनानामिन्द्र सातये ||

taṃ tvā vājeṣu vājinaṃ vājayāmaḥ śatakrato |
dhanānāmindra sātaye ||

Hey Shatakratu, we pray to you, the mighty in battle, we offer the sacrificial food to Indra

10. यो रायो.अवनिर्महान सुपारः सुन्वतः सखा |
तस्मा इन्द्राय गायत ||

yo rāyo.avanirmahān supāraḥ sunvataḥ sakhā |
tasmā indrāya ghāyata ||

Praise Indra, Who is the protector of wealth, the mighty, Accomplisher of good deed, the friend of the offerer of the soma juice.


In this Sukta there are total 10 hymns and all of them are dedicated to God Indra, in these Hymns Lord Indra has been praised and has been described as the destroyer of the enemies and also the protector of his followers who offers him the Libation (Soma Juice).


What is Rig Veda about?

Rig Veda is all about Hymns used in Religious Rituals.

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