About us

Informativedude.com is a informative website which is specially dedicated to provide information to it’s user of the ancient Hindu book . The the content we provide here is just to provide information to it’s user, it has no intention to hurt anyone’s personal or any institutional sentiment. All the content we post here is collected, researched , edited and posted by ourself. If anyone have any objection with any content of ours please feel free to contact us.

About the Author:

As you guys have come to the Informativedude.com you should know about the author of this website. The author of this website is Mr. Subham bera from West Bengal in India. I have pursued BCA. I am a blogger, Digital marketer and programmer. From the last 3 year i am reading, following almost all Hindu books and came to know that most people around us doesn’t know about the knowledge which have been provided in our books by our ancestor just because we can’t understand Sanskrit language. That’s i decided to take this as a medium to provide all our Hindu books translated in simple understandable english.